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Guess The G.L.O.R.Y. Girl

We haven't seen Persephone in quite a while here on the Picture Of The Day. We're putting an end to that oversight today with some Perse-action from June 23rd's ACPW event in Salemburg, North Carolina. The blonde looks quite intense here as she clamps on a tight chinlock and tries to rip the head off of her poor opponent. And it looks like she's adding a little smothering into the mix as she interlocks those fingers and completely covers the face and mouth of the suffering blonde.

Wait a second. That lady on the mat looks awful familiar. Care to take a guess at who this lady is that Persephone is torturing? If you don't know, scroll down a little for the answer...

Slamfest Bob

Bonus POD!         Picture #2           Bonus POD!

It's Amber O'Neal!

Did you know that it was Amber who was getting worked over in that top picture? If you felt bad for her, don't worry yourself over it. As you can see, the resilient blonde made a comeback...and her opponent got paid back in spades. This running clothesline by Amber nearly decapitated Persephone before driving her down to the mat hard!

Slamfest Bob

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