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Joe Rules Interviews Siren Demented

May 17, 2005: G.L.O.R.Y. Girl Siren Demented talks to Joe Rules about how she broke into the wrestling business as a manager, her adjustment from living in New York City to "Ohio-living", her future plans to enter the ring as a wrestler and more...

G.L.O.R.Y. Girl Siren Demented!

JOE RULES: Siren Demented, you are one of the newest G.L.O.R.Y. Girls and best known as the manager of Blackwater. Tell us how he became your main protege.

SIREN DEMENTED: Well, back in July of '04, I was in a slump. Couldn't get work in NYC to save my life, and it was depressing me. SO, I decided to look outside of my hometown. I found a site that had links to pro wrestlers all over the country. I found a few people and e-mailed them but had no luck. I had pretty much given up when I decided to look over the site one more time. That's when I came across Blackwater's site. I figured what harm could it do to e-mail him? I got his screen name and IMed him when he was on. He read the e-mail I sent him and was interested in having me as a manager. We were going to talk more about it when he came to NYC. He is from Ohio. He was going there on vacation. We met, and it lead to more than just a business relationship. We pretty much decided to date then. We had teased the idea before but didn't really take each other seriously. We hit it off, and here we are today. I am his girlfriend and manager from now on.

JOE RULES: It's good to hear that things are working out for you both. Do you manage Blackwater exclusively, or do you also manage others?

Siren Demented's main man: the masked Blackwater.

SIREN DEMENTED: I have only strayed from him once, but I plan on staying with only him pretty much when I manage.

JOE RULES: As his manager, what do you feel you add to Blackwater's matches?

SIREN DEMENTED: I am there to help him be the best heel he can be and win his matches. I make him more evil, and that's what he wants. I plan on making him the most dominate wrestler on the Ohio indy scene.

JOE RULES: Speaking of "evil," in your profile on G.L.O.R.Y., you refer to yourself as an "evil, deplorable, maniacal thing." What exactly do you mean by that?

SIREN DEMENTED: Ohhh ... Well, I am rather evil and sneaky when working. People always hate to see the good guy get screwed. I am the person who screws the good guy. At the same time I am also kind, caring, and supportive of my wrestler. But if he screws up, watch out!

JOE RULES: That's an attitude I like to see! Now, you're originally from Brooklyn but now residing in Ohio. Why the move?

SIREN DEMENTED: I moved mainly to be closer to Blackwater. I moved in with him a few months after we started dating. Plus it's a lot easier for me to travel with him. I had a few problems in NYC that weren't getting any better, so that also made me leave.

JOE RULES: So how does Ohio compare to New York?

SIREN DEMENTED: It's way more quiet, easier for me to sleep and all. The thing that bothers me is that things don't really stay open all night. I got used to that in NYC. I think that is the only things that bites. I get my clothes via the Internet. I go to Hot Topic, Torrid, and so forth.

JOE RULES: You seem to be appearing most often for the American States Wrestling Alliance. How have things been going for you there?

SIREN DEMENTED: Well, I mainly worked for CWA, but after Thanksgiving I think they decided to join with the defunct American States Wrestling Alliance. ASWA was a very popular fed here for years. I don't know why they stopped running shows, but they and CWA merged, so ASWA is back. The same roster was carried over to ASWA. Blackwater worked there when they ran shows and way before he and I met. So I pretty much know a lot of people. Everyone I know is cool, and I am good friends with the Canadian Crusher ( and "Nightmare" Jimmie Lee. I have also met Sean "K-Nine" Kindred. He and Blackwater had a match back in September, and I got to screw him over. He was a very nice guy, and I hope to work with him again soon.

JOE RULES: You originally began training at a wrestling school in New Jersey. Do you have any ambition to continue training as a wrestler yourself in the future?

Siren has set a goal to be competing in the ring before 2005 is over.

SIREN DEMENTED: Oh yes, that is my main goal for 2005. The ASWA school is opening in the spring (see Canadian Crusher's website for more information) and I believe I am the only female who is to be a student there at this time. I really want to work some mixed tag/intergender matches with Blackwater and others. So I can't wait to start training again and be the best female wrestler ever! Well, maybe : ) ... I am into wrestling guys more than I am girls. Because of my body type at the moment, I feel more evenly matched with guys. I am happy that I am the only girl training there as of now. I don't want the boys to take it easy on me. I want to be treated like a WRESTLER and not some fragile chick. Believe me, I am NOT going to break.

JOE RULES: Good luck with your training. Where can we find out more about you on the Web?

SIREN DEMENTED: Thanks! All of my fans (all six of them) can check out all my info and contacts through my website, I update it every few days so it's on the money when it comes to my info and upcoming shows.

JOE RULES: I would encourage everyone to check it out. What would you say the future holds for Siren Demented?

SIREN DEMENTED: Well, my plan is to change the way women's wrestling is viewed. I want people (mostly the male fan base) to know that we (women) are talented and can do more than just show off T and A. I hope to be a great worker and pass on my teachings when I decide to step away from the spotlight. I want to work for TNA when I am ready, that's the big dream right now. I also wanted to thank you, Joe, for supporting me and other female workers. I wish there are more people like you in this world.

JOE RULES: Thank you, Siren, and thank you very much for taking time out to do this interview. Best wishes and good luck in achieving all your goals.

SIREN DEMENTED: Once again, thanks for the support, and it was my pleasure! : )

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