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Joe Rules Chats With Miss DeVille

January 29, 2005: World Of Hurt Wrestling female star and G.L.O.R.Y. Girl Miss DeVille talks to Joe Rules about her tag team partner Kayla Sparks, her recent WOHW matches, her association with wacko Kenny Casanova and much more.

G.L.O.R.Y. Girl Miss DeVille!

JOE RULES: Miss DeVille, not too long ago you formed a tag team with Kayla Sparks, known as The Diva Killaz. How did that tag team come about?

MISS DeVILLE: The Diva Killaz was sort of a joke at first actually. We did not become an actual tag team until recently, when Kenny Casanova liked the idea. So we debuted as The Diva Killaz at World Of Hurt in late '04.

JOE RULES: Yeah, your manager Kenny Casanova is quite a colorful character. How did you come to be associated with him?

Miss DeVille teams often with fellow G.L.O.R.Y. girl Kayla Sparks to form the Diva Killaz.

MISS DeVILLE: Well, I entered the business at a very young age, and Kenny took me under his wing immediately. I look up to him very much. Under the bright women's clothing is a smart, easy going, and very funny guy.

JOE RULES: Now why the name Diva Killaz? What do you have against divas?

MISS DeVILLE: Our name, The Diva Killaz, is simply how it sounds. We feel divas don't belong in the ring, period! We are just doing our jobs, Joe!

JOE RULES: So at G.L.O.R.Y.Con this past October, John The Webmaster insisted on putting you in the ring against your own tag team partner. How did you feel about that?

MISS DeVILLE: Well, I am a total businesswoman. So when he announced the match, I immediately started to prepare for it. However, Kayla Sparks didn't take it so lightly. So when the job was done, Kayla came out on top. Proving friendship and wrestling can mix!

JOE RULES: That bout was easily one of the highlights of the event.

Miss DeVille and friend Kayla Sparks were forced to face each other in singles competition at G.L.O.R.Y.Con 2004.

MISS DeVILLE: Thank you, Joe!

JOE RULES: Obviously, you and Kayla are a successful tag team. You've also had your share of success as a singles competitor. As a matter of fact, you're a former WOHW Women's Champion. Tell us a little, if you would, about World Of Hurt Wrestling and your championship reign.

MISS DeVILLE: WOHW is a promotion based in Eastern New York. I was the only girl at WOHW for a good solid two years. Then just last year, we started forming a women's division. I am proud to say last March I was crowned the first-ever WOHW Women's Champion. I defeated Kayla at WOHW's biggest event of the year, called Wrestlefest. It was definitely one of my most memorable matches. Kayla and I sided after that match, however Kenny Casanova's cousin Kendra had a problem with me and decided to CHEAT and take my title away!

JOE RULES: KENDRA Casanova? Hmmm. No, not gonna ask! Let me change the subject here. Do you have a preference as far as wrestling in singles or tag team matches?

MISS DeVILLE: I prefer singles, simply because the focus is just on you two and it's more pressure. The good kind of pressure, that is.

JOE RULES: You mentioned WOHW's women's division. On December 4th, 2004, W3 or Wild Women of Wrestling, an offshoot of WOHW, debuted in Schenectady, New York. I understand you pulled double duty on that event, squaring off with the Olsens in a tag team match with Kayla and then taking on Luscious Latasha in a singles match. Tell us about that.

MISS DeVILLE: W3 had to be one of the most fun events of the year that I attended. The Olsens are hilarious guys, so that was hands down the entertainment of the night. I am also very proud of my match with Luscious Latasha! We got very good feedback from it; however, I don't forgive her for cheating during our arm wrestling match!

JOE RULES: Do you know if/when World Of Hurt plans on holding another W3 event?

MISS DeVILLE: We are in the talks of holding another on in March. Either way, G.L.O.R.Y. will be one of the first to know! ; )

JOE RULES: So I guess that means a rematch between you and Latasha may be in the works?

MISS DeVILLE: Actually Joe, that is not a bad idea! And since she likes to play unfair, maybe we can work a no disqualification type of deal!

DeVille and wacko Kenny Casanova have formed a close friendship in New York's World Of Hurt Wrestling.

JOE RULES: You did mention in your G.L.O.R.Y. Profile that your favorite type of match is hardcore. Have you participated in many hardcore matches?

MISS DeVILLE: I have not done any hardcore, I absolutely love watching it, though. That is the type of wrestling that keeps you on the edge of your seat. I hope one day to be in one.

JOE RULES: I'm sure you keep the fans on the edge of their seats, hardcore or no! Let's do the ol' website plug. Tell the fans how they can get to your website.

MISS DeVILLE: Sure! Check out for all the latest Mizzle DeVizzle happenings! Muaha!

JOE RULES: Miss DeVille, it was a pleasure talking to you today. Best wishes in all you do!

MISS DeVILLE: Same to you, Joe. Take care, and come visit us soon!

Miss DeVille will be appearing at JWA-United's Girls' Night Out...February 19th, 2005 at the Elks Club in Boonton, New Jersey. Click here to go to the JWA-United Web site for more info.

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