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Tara Charisma Talks With Joe Rules

December 2, 2004: G.L.O.R.Y. Girl Tara Charisma talks to Joe Rules about her recently-released DVD, her online comic book project, her participation in this year's G.L.O.R.Y.Con and much more...

G.L.O.R.Y. Girl Tara Charisma!

JOE RULES: As many fans know, you recently produced a video/DVD entitled A Summer With Tara Charisma, which gave fans a taste of how you spent this past summer. What made you decide to produce such a video?

TARA CHARISMA: It's always been my interest to keep in touch with my fans via e-mail or my Yahoo! Group. I end up talking about not only my wrestling life, but my personal life as well. I figured the best way to bring them a step closer to the real me would be that type of video. It was also a really cool concept. There are a million reality TV shows on now, but mine has a different style. It's fun and interesting, and I hope I got the message out to everyone about who I am.

JOE RULES: Why don't you tell us what someone who orders your video can expect to see.

TARA CHARISMA: My video takes the viewer along with me on my summer. You see me at wrestling shows, with pre and post comments/events, and hanging around with other wrestlers. From the non-wrestling point of this, you see me in my house, driving, working out--you see how I act in everyday life. I'm a real dork! There is also a "bloopers" section which is pretty much me doing or saying dumb things. And also a "wrestler-vision" section, where myself and various other wrestlers take over the camera!

JOE RULES: I've seen it, and it's definitely worth watching! Now, my favorite part of the DVD is where I was Alere Little Feather's manager in a GWF match against you, and we won! If you had to pick out one favorite moment, what would it be?

TARA CHARISMA: Well that certainly isn't one of the better moments of the video...but that's my opinion! : )


TARA CHARISMA: It's hard to pick my favorite part. My whole summer was really memorable. I enjoyed the autograph signings at the NYWC show in Long Beach. All those kids were really excited! I also liked CSWF when I hit John Shane with a frying pan!

JOE RULES: Tell us how one would go about ordering A Summer With Tara Charisma.

TARA CHARISMA: You can e-mail me at for video orders and also to say hello! I love getting e-mails!

JOE RULES: Hopefully you'll get a lot of new orders now. Over the summer, and you talk about this in your video, your website,, was hacked. Tell us what happened.

TARA CHARISMA: Well, I really don't know what happened. Ken Scampi called me and said, "Someone hacked into the website and left a message on your main page." I immediately freaked out and went online. I saw that my main page had a message that the hacker left. I checked the FTP folder and EVERYTHING was deleted. All pictures, files, etc. It was very upsetting, because I worked really hard on my website. I'm in the process of building it back up though, even though it's been down for a while. I promise that will come back better than before!

JOE RULES: We'll all be looking forward to that. Another project you're involved in is an online comic Tell us a little about the concept and how you got involved.

TARA CHARISMA: Last summer I got an e-mail from a guy who told me about his concept of having an online comic book. He told me how he was going to do this and asked if I'd play one of the characters. I thought the idea was very unique and gladly joined the project. My character is Kathy Klepto--daughter of the Mayor of Perfection City. I have many things in mind for Perfection City...but I can't give away all of my'll have to check it out!

JOE RULES: Sounds most intriguing. But switching gears once again, many times you can be found managing or teaming with Ken Scampi. How did the two of you come to join forces?

TARA CHARISMA: I met him when I first started training at Mikey Whipwreck's ?WA Academy. We've always had really good chemistry together, so we decided that we should always stick together and support each other. So if one of us is around, the other isn't too far behind. If we aren't teaming up together, we can be found supporting each other during matches.

JOE RULES: You in fact teamed up with Ken Scampi to take on Alicia & E.C. Negro at the G.L.O.R.Y.Con 2004. But before we talk about the match, let's first talk about the banquet the night before. How did it feel to get to be, along with Penny Dreadful, co-Queen of the Banquet?

TARA CHARISMA: That was a really great feeling! The banquet was so much fun. Penny & I told John The Webmaster that we never went to our high school proms, but we never expected to get our dance! I was at wrestling training instead of my prom, so it was a really great feeling to experience that at the G.L.O.R.Y. Banquet. I actually still have my corsage! JTW is the best!

JOE RULES: So I guess it's safe to say you enjoyed yourself, lol. There were many G.L.O.R.Y. Girls in attendance. Did you get to meet anyone for the first time who stands out in your mind?

TARA CHARISMA: NYX definitely stands out, as she towers above the rest of us! It was really great to meet everyone. I've only known the other G.L.O.R.Y. Girls by their profiles, so it was so good to meet them in person.

JOE RULES: As mentioned, the next day at the convention, you & Scampi took on Alicia & E.C. Negro in an intergender tag team match. What are your thoughts on this match?

TARA CHARISMA: I thought the match was really good. I love intergender tag team matches! The ending of the match probably could have gone better, but that's wrestling. Injuries are always possible.

Tara stretches arch-enemy Alicia during one of the many matches they have been fought during their year-long feud.

JOE RULES: Right, Alicia sustained a broken nose after a shining wizard by your partner. Is there anything you'd like to say to her here?

TARA CHARISMA: Well, I'm glad she's been feeling better since that match, but I really don't know what else to say. Alicia and I used to be really close friends, but then she turned over to the "dark side," and we've been continually feuding. Hopefully our feud will end, and Alicia will learn that cheating is never a good way to win.

JOE RULES: Well, Lord knows I for one would never cheat! ; ) Tara, you always have a very busy schedule. Where can fans catch Tara Charisma live and in person?

TARA CHARISMA: You can find me usually in the NY/NJ area. Some of my favorite places to be are at NYWC and CSWF! You can always check my website for more detailed locations, but no matter where you see me, please come up and say hello!

JOE RULES: In your Yahoo! Group, TaraCharismaClub, you often post little "Tara Charisma Facts." Can you give us an exclusive Tara Charisma Fact for this interview?

TARA CHARISMA: Here is an Exclusive Tara Charisma fact! My parents, Mama and Papa Charisma, almost named me Ashley! Imagine that! Ashley Charisma...

JOE RULES: Ashley Charisma...hmmmmm. In any event, thank you very much for the interview, TARA Charisma. It has been a pleasure.

TARA CHARISMA: Thanks so much! And Joe Rules...I've got my eye on you. I think you might need some lessons in fairness when you get involved in matches!

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