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Fire Talks To G.L.O.R.Y. Wrestling

November 11, 2004: Joe Rules is at it again...this time chatting with West Coast G.L.O.R.Y. Girl Fire. They discuss Fire's connection to GLOW, her work as a movie stuntwoman, her appearance on The Price Is Right, her future plans and much more...

G.L.O.R.Y. Girl Fire!

JOE RULES: The story of how you came up with your ring name is an interesting one. Tell us how you got the name Fire.

FIRE: When I first started wrestling, I had a tag team partner, and she was this beautiful albino lady named Ice, so wanting to go along with that, I was Fire!! Plus it went well with my gimmick of being hot and spicy from Louisiana.

JOE RULES: I understand you were a big fan of GLOW when it originally aired, and then you went on to fulfill a childhood dream and become a GLOW Girl yourself. How did you get involved with the Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling?

FIRE: I got involved with them just recently in the last year due to the fact they were to be filming on the west coast and they approached me--because I wasn't aware that they were even coming back--the owner, Ursula, AKA Babe The Farmer's Daughter, contacted me to be a part of it. It was an honor!

JOE RULES: You must have been very proud to work for them. Tell us about some of your GLOW matches.

FIRE: I got to meet and wrestle with Daisy, Lightning, Babe, Roxy, and my most memorable character from my childhood was Mt. Fiji--she was there too!! She's huge and just a wonderful lady, but don't get that woman mad or it's all over!! Unfortunately, as it seems to happen too often with female wrestling, the federation is closed for right now, and myself and a few other girls are doing what we can to get it back on its feet ... The name alone of GLOW could bring in viewers and get the respectability back into lady wrestling.

JOE RULES: Sorry to hear that. There's definitely a lot of interest in GLOW, so hopefully it can make another comeback. In the meantime, where else can your fans see you in action?

FIRE: It's looking like I am going to Monterey to work for LLF again in November. I'm also working a few dates out here in Los Angeles and Tijuana, Mexico, as well as on the 13th of November, I'm out in Ohio, so I'm busy all over the place right now!! And I love that!

JOE RULES: Great to hear you're keeping busy! Now, many GLORY fans remember your appearance on The Price Is Right in June 2003. Tell us about your appearance.

FIRE: Well, I actually went with one of my wrestling federations, Revolution Pro, and go figure, I got picked, and Bob Barker just couldn't believe that I was a wrestler. It was a lot of fun, and I won a pool!

JOE RULES: Congratulations! What Pricing Game did you play?

FIRE: It was some type of poker game. That's when I lost the car, though, a Ford Focus. Who knew a Ford Focus cost over $17,000?!

JOE RULES: Ah, The Poker Game. Too bad you didn't play Cliff Hangers, that's my favorite, lol ... Pro wrestling isn't your only interest. You've also done some acting and stuntwork, and even produced your own film. Tell us about Mock This, your mockumentary.

FIRE: Wow, you've done your research, huh?

JOE RULES: I sure have ... That's why JTW pays me the big bucks!  ; )

G.L.O.R.Y. Girl Fire!

FIRE: Mock This is a mockumentary about a lip synching contest in the early/mid eighties. I was a co-producer and was one of the leads in this movie. Its storyline is about a lip synching contest that people are trying to get into and a very shady lady--played by yours truly--who really has the whole thing rigged for her boyfriend who thinks he's Michael Jackson. There's great music in it, such as Billy Idol, Michael Jackson, Pat Benatar, and Crowded House!

JOE RULES: It sounds great, is it available on VHS or DVD?

FIRE: VHS. I'll make sure to have a link on my website for it so you can find it easily.

JOE RULES: Excellent., correct?

FIRE: Sure is!

JOE RULES: Tell us a bit about your acting and stuntwork. What have you appeared in?

FIRE: I got my degree from college in theater so I have been trying, one way or another, to stay in the entertainment industry for a spell now. I have worked over in Japan for nearly two years as a stuntwoman. I've been training in swords, stage combat, and high falls since the moment I graduated--actually just got out of a practice for high falls just a few minutes ago. I'm up to 30 feet now, and I think that's where I'll stay. No need to go higher, you know?

JOE RULES: No arguments from me there. I like to keep my feet on the ground!

FIRE: I'm also working on getting a documentary started about female wrestling, also shot a pilot about a wrestling reality show for Spike TV last spring, and looking to be doing some producing/acting with the play titled Cementville by James Martin and getting that then on to film. There hasn't been a good wrestling movie since the 70's when All the Marbles came out, so I think we are due for a new one!

JOE RULES: I would certainly agree. Do you like to focus more on wrestling or acting?

FIRE: Well, wrestling of course, but I feel that it won't be long until I wake up and realize that my body physically won't let me do wrestling anymore, so I'd love to have a transition into acting--kind of like how porn stars think they can get into acting form porn, I'm hoping I can make the transition form wrestling. I've just seen too many bitter stuntmen and lady wrestlers who are broke and bitter and can't work anymore. I never want to get used up. I just want everything I do to be a stepping block for the next task.

JOE RULES: Do you have any important shows or projects coming up?

FIRE: I'm in a show for IZW on Nov 2nd, then in Columbus, Ohio on the 13th, then off to Mexico ... but really most importantly is the upcoming documentary which we are filming for the next year, myself and a few other "lady wrestler surprises," we'll be popping up. Along with getting Cementville going and getting that in pre-production. These projects are my main focus for the next year or so.

JOE RULES: Be sure to keep us all informed. Fire, thank you very much for taking time out to do this interview. It was a pleasure. Best of luck to you.

FIRE: Thank you very much, Joe, for the opportunity!

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