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Riptide Talks To Joe Rules

November 3, 2004: Joe Rules catches up with former ECW tough-girl Riptide. The popular G.L.O.R.Y. Girl talks to Joe about her days in ECW, her matches against AmyLee, her current fighting career in Europe and much, much more.

G.L.O.R.Y. Girl Riptide!

JOE RULES: Riptide, it's been some time since your fans here on G.L.O.R.Y. have heard from you. I guess the question on everyone's minds would be, where have you been, and what are you up to?

RIPTIDE: I am living in Europe and pro-wrestling all over the place.

JOE RULES: What made you decide to go to Europe?

RIPTIDE: I earned a sponsorship for boxing training and started getting back into no-holds-barred fighting, which is now called MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) or freefighting. I didn't realize how popular pro wrestling is over here until after I moved.

JOE RULES: I understand you had a match just recently in Holland. How did it turn out?

RIPTIDE: It was great, really. I was a tag partner for this guy, Sitoci, who had to wrestle these two gay guys. I was the perfect partner for him. The crowd really loved the match--It reminded me of my ECW days with Simon Diamond and the Freaks.

JOE RULES: How does wrestling in Europe compare to wrestling in the USA?

RIPTIDE: The crowds are bigger and they are really into the matches. It forces you as a wrestler to take it to the next level for them.

JOE RULES: What organizations have you appeared in over there, and who are some of the ladies you have been in the ring with?

RIPTIDE: I have worked for All Star Wrestling, NWA-UK, and IWA (all in the UK) and in Holland I work for FCW (Freestyle Championship Wrestling), in Germany, GSW, and in France for ICWA. I have wrestled Nikita, Komera, Phoenix, Lexie Fyfe, and I will wrestle Wesna for the first time next weekend.

JOE RULES: You're probably most well-known to US fans by your appearances in ECW as The Prodigette. Tell us about your experiences in Extreme Championship Wrestling.

RIPTIDE: ECW was an excellent experience for me. I was surrounded by such great talent and under the tutelage of Paul E. and Tommy Dreamer. I learned so much. Wrestling in front of those fans every week was the best! ECW fans are the best in the business--the ones that can compete with them are in Japan.

JOE RULES: I did an interview last month with AmyLee, and she said the following about you: "Riptide is a very talented and enthusiastic wrestler. She gives you a run for your money and is willing to go an extra mile to please the fans. Our 'Hovember to Remember' match is classic, because we both kicked ass in/outside the wrestling ring. Hands down, she is a tough cookie." What is your opinion of AmyLee?

RIPTIDE: AmyLee is an ass-kicker. If you have to get in the ring with AmyLee, you better be prepared to feel pain and work hard. I have to agree with her and say that match was a classic, and I think it was one of the best matches I've had. I think AmyLee is a great talent in the business, and I wish I would get the opportunity to wrestle her again. I know the fans would love it!

We bet you've never seen a tougher schoolgirl than Riptide!

JOE RULES: You've worked with some of the biggest stars in women's wrestling, including Luna Vachon, and Chyna. Tell us about your encounters with those ladies.

RIPTIDE: I learned so much from both of these women, and I was lucky to get to work with them so early in my career that everything stayed with me, and I've been going with it ever since now eight years later. I have the utmost respect for both Luna and Joannie. They are excellent wrestlers and helped to pave the way in this business for the rest of us. Luna has been wrestling for 20+ years I think, worked for all of the Big Three (WWF, ECW, and WCW) and how many women got to wrestle men before Chyna made her WWF appearance? It was and is an honor to know these women.

JOE RULES: You began your career in no-holds-barred competition in Japan. Talk about your shootfighting background.

RIPTIDE: I progressed as a martial artist into shootfighting because it is the most realistic kind of fighting, and I wanted to be a well-rounded artist and learn how to fight on the ground. So I began training with Bart Vale, who helped bring the Japanese shootfighting to the US As his student, I was given the opportunity to go to Japan and compete. It was an awesome experience! And I got to meet Reggie Bennett, who influenced me to get into pro wrestling.

JOE RULES: Was it difficult to make the transition from no-holds-barred to professional wrestling?

RIPTIDE: It was very hard on my body ... First, to drive to Miami from Ft. Lauderdale and train with Bart, and then to go to Palm Beach for wrestling practice all night, and then back to Ft. Lauderdale--That was three times per week. The weekend was spent in pro wrestling camp. The training was brutal, but it was worth it. When I got in front of the fans for the first show, I knew it was all worth it.

JOE RULES: A few years ago, you were in a very serious car accident which put you out of action for over a year and almost ended your career. Tell us what happened.

RIPTIDE: Yeah, some stupid lady ran a stop sign and slammed into my car. I had to be taken out of the car through the passenger side by the firemen, and I was having a hard time breathing. The doctors said if I didn't have so much muscle on my body, I would have broken the bones on the left side of my body. Thank God I was just badly bruised, some dislocations, and severe muscle spasms. I couldn't walk for two weeks, but once the spasms lessened and the joints stayed in place, I was working my way back to the ring. I had my first match six months later, but I had to take a lot of time to recover after each match.

JOE RULES: Do you worry about reinjuring yourself in the ring?

RIPTIDE: No, not at all. I did everything smart and took my time coming back the right way. I don't have any pain, and I haven't in years now. And since my accident, I've wrestled AmyLee and been through some tables, so if I didn't break then, I'm not going to now!

JOE RULES: Can your fans expect to see you back in the United States anytime soon?

RIPTIDE: Yes, of course, I miss you guys! I can't stay away for too long. Besides, I can visit my family and work in the same trip. I'm negotiating with WEW to come back for the next pay-per-view in December. When I know it's a done deal, I'll send in the info to the G.L.O.R.Y. Wrestling site.

Riptide currently resides in Europe where she trains in Muay Tai kickboxing and MMA fighting.

JOE RULES: You used to have a website,, but that site is down. Any plans to bring it back, or create a new site?

RIPTIDE: Yes, absolutely! I have really missed my interaction with the fans on the Internet. They have always been so encouraging. I have been trying to figure out how best to present myself to the fans ... I don't know whether to keep the ECW character as a separate site or not, or to just put everything together on one site. I am working on it now. I'm hoping in the next month to have things up and running. I will keep the site because everyone knows the name. It will be easier for them to find me.

JOE RULES: What is next for Riptide?

RIPTIDE: I keep training for boxing and freefighting because it's a condition for me to live here, and on the weekends, I pro-wrestle everywhere I can. I will make several trips per year back to the US and wrestle ... until one day hopefully I can wrestle for the fans of the WWE and live happily ever after.  : )

JOE RULES: Riptide, thanks very much for this interview. It was a pleasure, and I wish you the best.

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