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G.L.O.R.Y. Girl Foxxy Dreams Talks With Joe Rules

September 8, 2004: Joe Rules chats with G.L.O.R.Y. Girl Foxxy Dreams about her five year career. Foxxy talks about her feud with Luxurious Lynne, discusses her husband, Disturbed Damian Dragon, and gives her thoughts about the upcoming G.L.O.R.Y.Con 2004.

G.L.O.R.Y. Girl Foxxy Dreams!

JOE RULES: Foxxy Dreams, I would first like to congratulate you on your recent capture of your first championship, the AWA (New Jersey indy) Women's Title. Tell us who you challenged for the belt, and how you won it.

FOXXY DREAMS: Well, although at this point and time I no longer have that title, it was a great experience. In my five, soon to be six, years of wrestling, I hadn't held any title. Then again, I wasn't wrestling as much as I am now; I wasn't that confident in myself or my abilities. But the AWA Women's Championship was just created, and the AWA set up a match between myself and another New Jersey G.L.O.R.Y. Girl, Alicia, in what was her debut for the company. We had a pretty solid match. I think it shocked the crowd a bit that we threw down just as good as the boys did. After a struggle with getting her down--because we're both some pretty tough girls,nobr>--I hit her with a neckbreaker, and I got the three count. It was an awesome feeling to stand in the ring with a title, my first title! It was even better when I saw Damian, my husband, standing at the ramp at the end of the match clapping for me, and hugging me. As of now, as I said before, I don't have the title anymore. I lost it to Alicia about a month ago.

JOE RULES: How long did you hold the belt?

FOXXY DREAMS: I believe I held the title for about four to six weeks...I think.

JOE RULES: Not only are you a championship caliber wrestler, you are also a skilled manager. Your main protege these days, of course, is none other than your husband, "Disturbed" Damian Dragon. How did you two meet, and when did you decide to become his manager?

FOXXY DREAMS: We met around 1999, maybe a little before that. I knew him because I did ring crew for ECPW at USA Pro shows, and he knew me from JCW when I used to ref. Years passed before we ever saw each other again, and in 2001 we ran into each other at a JCW show, both remembering exactly who we were. We spoke as friends and all, and it was brought out about managing him, because our looks were VERY similar. We were also interested in one another, so we began dating. Things just felt so right between us that after the fourth date, we got engaged. That's also when I began managing him, and everything clicked right away. Not only did we have relationship chemistry, but we also had and still have in-ring chemistry, without ever working together before. Us as a duo, not just a manager/wrestler, has gotten us farther in our careers than either of us thought. The fans really dug it. We've both had our slew of titles all simultaneous with different companies. Not only that, but I was a manager in every sense of the word, whereas I handle the bookings we get, I handled all website updates, as well as our Yahoo! Group, etc. I'm like Jerry Maguire to us, only a girl and goth. Even though we're married, we are always professional. We bought our marriage to our characters and all, but it is still a separate thing when it comes to wrestling--he treats me like one of the boys in the locker room, and we make our own decisions as far as wrestling goes, etc.

JOE RULES: I often wondered what a female goth Jerry Maguire would be like, and now I know! I understand that you also manage Jai Kronic when he and Dragon team up as Projekt 13. Tell us about that.

Foxxy is 100% behind her main man (and husband) "Disturbed" Damian Dragon.

FOXXY DREAMS: The "Untamed" Jai Kronic, as he is known within Projekt 13, has been a longtime friend, as well as peer in the locker room and opponent in the ring for Damian and I. In fact, Kronic was Damian's first student, who he is very proud of with the strides he's been making for himself. It was always talked about between them to team up, and they've done it before, but nothing really panned out. But then this past year, they began running as Projekt 13, and it was big. It was the right time, I guess you'd say. The mix of us is pretty unique if you think about it. Damian is all crazy and goth, Kronic is his psychotic jungle boy self, and I am the sane one, ironically enough. In fact, I am 100% old-school manager with them, very Bobby Heenan-esque, except with a satin Member's Only-looking jacket. But that's also how the name Projekt 13 came up--three different outcasts of society thrown together like some type of science project, and well the 13 ... it's the "luckiest" number of them all!

JOE RULES: You sound like quite a team! Now, you often make the distinction that you are not a valet; you are a manager. Tell our readers what separates a manager from a valet.

FOXXY DREAMS: It's funny, actually, because all women are deemed as valets, even if they aren't. But any male that's ringside is a manager, even if he just stands there. The difference between the two is what you do. A valet simply walks a wrestler to the ring, and stands ringside, cheering him occasionally, adds nothing to the match except maybe some T&A, has no psychology or in-ring experience, etc. Whereas a manager knows the psychology of being a manager--and yes, there is such thing as managerial psychology. A manager is just as important to the match as the wrestlers and referee are. Managers will get in the ring and be an actual part of the match in the most extreme ways, even down to double team maneuvers with their wrestler. They will get the fans roaring, whether it be in a good way, or if the fans hate your guts. Not only that, but there is the other point of managers that I mentioned before where you handle your wrestlers bookings and etc., like a sports agent type. On that note, NEVER judge a manager by the valets she hangs out with!

JOE RULES: Good advice! Which do you prefer, wrestling or managing?

FOXXY DREAMS: A couple of years ago, that answer would've been so easy for me. But now, I don't know. My first passion is and always will be managing. That's what made me want to be in wrestling. Then again, this year I've been wrestling more than I've ever wrestled before, having some great opponents along the way like Tara Charisma, Valerie Dictorian from PWF Northeast, Demonica, Alicia, etc. I love wrestling and I love managing, but I know I can't wrestle forever. I do want to start a little goth family soon, and managing is something I can always do to protect my body in preparation for that. Hell, managing is something I can do while pregnant, until of course a belly starts showing and as long as I don't get bumped, lol. If I had a preference, I suppose it would be my first love, which is managing.

JOE RULES: You're definitely very good at both ... But one of the most memorable matches I've ever seen you in was the infamous Evening Gown Match with Missy Hyatt for Jason Knight's Assault Championship Wrestling in Connecticut. Describe that bout for us.

FOXXY DREAMS: Oh God! You saw that match! I had a feeling that question was going to come up.

JOE RULES: Without a doubt!

FOXXY DREAMS: Well, that match was very, very last minute. For one, Missy's opponent didn't show up, so they asked me to do the match. Secondly, Missy showed up a match before ours, so it was put together really quickly as just an evening gown match type thing. The match was primarily a ha-ha match, definitely not a Flair-Steamboat caliber match. I walked into the match as a heel, because of course everyone knew who Missy Hyatt was, so how can you really hate her? But I walked out of the match a total 100% face. I guess the crowd liked my character and all. The match went longer than expected by everyone, and although I stripped Missy down of her dress first and should've won, the official of the match, Joel Gertner, decided that the first woman to lose her dress won. So I lost the match by that ruling. It was awesome though, I adored Missy while growing up, and to be in the ring with her was a good moment for me.

JOE RULES: Personally, I was ready to gauge my own eyes out by the time I was done watching that tape, lol. But that brings us to another Evening Gown Match you were in, this time against Luxurious Lynne in THE JWA. Lynne has been a thorn in your side for quite some time. Tell us about your match with her, and about your feud in general.

FOXXY DREAMS: Luxurious Lynne and myself just can't seem to get along. You and I have buried the hatchet a long time ago, Joe. I even managed you, if I remember correctly.

JOE RULES: Yes, you did.

FOXXY DREAMS: But Lynne and I ... I don't know, our personalities just clash so much that nothing between us ever gets settled. The evening gown match I had with Lynne, in my opinion, was great. Then again, I won, so of course it was great to me! She definitely got some good shots in on me, I'll admit, but she was so self-absorbed that she didn't even see me coming when I tore off her dress. I figured that would be our last hoorah, but nope, we had one final match after that, which she won because of course she cheated. I still need redemption for that last match. I've only been waiting a good two years for it, and I'll wait as long as I need to before getting her in the ring again to finally settle the score.

JOE RULES: You know, you've also had some run-ins lately with newcomer Cherri Delicious. Tell us a bit about her.

FOXXY DREAMS: Cherri Delicious is one of my best friends, my other best friend being my husband. Granted, she's new, but nobody is willing to give her a shot. Like people judge and critique her before the even see her, just because "oh well she's new, she doesn't know much." But you would be surprised. Her mentality and psychology of wrestling is up there, and although while managing or wrestling she seems a little shaky, what do you expect? She is still new. Not everybody is great or even good when they first start out, but she knows what to do. It's just a matter of doing it. I'm saying this with our friendship aside, I CAN have an unbiased opinion. Just recently I had a match with her at GWF, and to be honest with you, people would've been surprised. Not to use the same analogy again, but it wasn't any Flair-Steamboat match, but you know what? It worked. The fans enjoyed it, and everyone said the match was good, and that was all that mattered to us. As I said, all friendship aside, she does need more work, but in the same rite, who else hasn't needed more work when they first started?

No one has ever accused sexy goth G.L.O.R.Y. Girl Foxxy Dreams of being shy!

JOE RULES: I was at that GWF event, accepting my GWF Hall of Fame Trophy :) and I would certainly agree with your assessment. With more experience, she could easily become one of the top women on the scene. Switching gears now, as we all know, G.L.O.R.Y.Con 2004 is coming up October 2 and 3 in Fairfield & West Paterson, New Jersey. Will Foxxy Dreams be in attendance?

FOXXY DREAMS: Yes, I will. I missed the first G.L.O.R.Y.Con, and I heard so many great things about it. If I were to miss this one, I personally would be crushed, because I think the G.L.O.R.Y.Con is something great for the fans and the other female workers. Fans get to see that there is so much more substance to women wrestlers/managers than what they see on television. And we, the G.L.O.R.Y. Girls, get to finally meet one another if we haven't already. We get to connect and see what we are all about in person, as opposed to just reading each others bios, or seeing each other on the Picture Of The Day, lol. We get to learn about each other, and I think that is a great thing. Women need to stick together, especially in wrestling. I personally cannot wait for the G.L.O.R.Y.Con 2004.

JOE RULES: Of the G.L.O.R.Y. Girls you don't know, who would you be most looking forward to meeting at the convention?

FOXXY DREAMS: Hollywood! LOL, she was one of my favorites on GLOW while growing up, and I'm definitely excited to be meeting her. I know a majority of the girls that are going to be there...I don't know who else will be attending to give a better answer though. I don't get on the Internet much to check out who will be there.

JOE RULES: Actually, I understand Luxurious Lynne will be in attendance. Do you think there will be a confrontation between the two of you?

FOXXY DREAMS: I'd certainly hope there won't be a confrontation, I hate making scenes. But, hey, if need be, I'll do what I have to to shut her up.

JOE RULES: You have a lot of fans. Where can they find out more about you on the World Wide Web?

FOXXY DREAMS: There is the official website of Disturbed Dreams, which is temporarily down, but the address is Otherwise, fans can always read my online journal for funny stories, wrestling and non-wrestling related, at There is also a Yahoo! Group, which is a little more interactive with the fans, they can post pictures and leave us messages an all that at Also, if you Google either Damian's or my name, a lot of cool sites with us featured in them pop up, so I do recommend that as well.

JOE RULES: Foxxy, thank you very much for this interview. On a personal note, I'd like to say that a few years back, you and I had a match in Rick Silver's UWF. It was quick, but as I've told others in the past, no one before or since has ever made me look so good in a match. I wish both you and Damian the best.

FOXXY DREAMS: Ah, well thank you very much. This was fun for me as well. Just support your local disturbed one, because it just might be you...

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