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Joe Rules Interviews Lexie Fyfe

July 23, 2004: Joe Rules talks to G.L.O.R.Y. Girl favorite Lexie Fyfe about her early career, her European tour with Wendi Richter, her WWE experience, her new SLAMminladies project and more...

G.L.O.R.Y. Girl favorite Lexie Fyfe!

JOE RULES: Lexie Fyfe, you're one of the most well-known women wrestlers on the scene today. You started your career in 1995, feuding with Brandi Wine. Your debut match, if fact, saw you team with Ricky Morton of the Rock'n'Roll Express and Denny Cooley against Brandi Wine and The Mavericks. Tell us about that match.

LEXIE FYFE: Brandi and I had already started a bit of a feud. She was managing the Mavericks, and I kept chasing her off when she would try to help them cheat. This was our first in-ring experience though, and I was REALLY nervous. The drive took about 40 minutes, and I kept wanting to turn around and go home. Ricky calmed me down though by just being very nice. We came out to my ring music and everything. The fans had been waiting for me to get my chance at Brandi, so they cheered like crazy when we came out. We ended up losing the match, but the crowd was yelling for us, and I was hooked!

JOE RULES: It sounds like it must have been a very exciting match. Has the feud with Brandi Wine ever been resolved?

LEXIE FYFE: Are feuds ever really resolved? We've come to an uneasy truce but we still beat each other pretty well from time to time.

JOE RULES: In other interviews, you've mentioned that your appearance in Bosnia in 1999 was one of your career highlights. I understand you took on none other than Wendi Richter, and you two really tore the house down. Tell us more about the match, and that tour in general.

LEXIE FYFE: Well, of course I was ecstatic that I had been asked to go on the tour to wrestle Wendi Richter. It was a little intimidating also. The trip was great overall, but when we got to Bosnia, it topped it off. It was 1999, so Bosnia was just barely stabilized. The troops were stuck on base except for patrols, so they were glad for the diversion. They bussed in troops from two other bases, and we put on our show. I think both Wendi and I were thinking the same thing: We're going to give them a show to remember. We went out there and had probably the most hard-hitting match that I ever had. After the show, they had us set up to sign autographs in a big hall. We must have been there for a couple of hours. I don't think I've ever had my picture taken so many times. They just made us feel like we were doing them an honor by being there. The real honor was being able to perform for them. They are heroes in my mind. Being away from your families for a whole year in a potentially dangerous area--it's beyond my comprehension.

JOE RULES: They are indeed heroes, without a doubt ... Now also in 1999, you appeared on WWF Sunday Night Heat against Tori. Were WWF officials happy with your work?

LEXIE FYFE: It seems they were. They gave me good reviews after the match and kept in touch. They basically brought me in to help better set up the feud between Tori and Ivory. Ivory ran in at the end of the match and attacked Tori.

JOE RULES: So the door remains open for future WWE appearances?

LEXIE FYFE: Sure. I was booked last year to do a dark match but was bumped off the schedule. You never know who will show up on their shows. I love what I'm doing now though, so I'm happy either way.

When she steps into the ring, you never know which Lexie to expect. Here, obviously, the evil Lexie has decided to make an appearance!

JOE RULES: That's good to hear. Recently, you launched a new website, What made you decide to put this site together?

LEXIE FYFE: Well, it's something that's been in the back of my mind for a couple of years now. It's hard to make a living at wrestling. The travel is expensive, the pay is low, and it's hard to hold another job and still do the shows that you want to. I know that I was tired of going to shows and then getting home only to realize that I lost money on the trip. It would get really discouraging, and at times I would think about quitting. I had done some video work with other companies and realized that it paid pretty well. I had also started a pay portion to my own site and was doing okay with that. I thought that a site that had a lot of good female workers on it would do even better, and everyone could get a payday. I think the ladies who have done work for us will agree that the pay is pretty good. My partner and I sunk in a lot of money for videos just to start up, so now we're trying to recoup that! I think what people don't realize is that although we do quite a few custom orders, most of this money comes out of our pockets. It's been going well though, so I'm happy about the decision to launch SLAMminladies.

JOE RULES: So what exactly can fans expect to see from SLAMminladies?

LEXIE FYFE: The best women wrestlers out there!! On the main site, there are short bios on each of the ladies. There are also action and posed shots. The merchandise page will be opening shortly where fans can purchase videos, DVDs, and photos. We have samples of what is on the members' site and other fun things. On the members' site, there are at least three matches, 7-8 photo galleries, a move of the month, and a feature that we're calling "In their own Words." We've gotten a lot of positive feedback, so we're really happy about it. The members' site will change every month, so it will always be new!

JOE RULES: It sounds great! How would one go about signing up as a member?

LEXIE FYFE: Just go to and click on the "join" page. It gives simple instructions there. Payment is through PayPal or money order, whichever they prefer. It's fun for us! We add something each week. One week, it will be a photo gallery, the next might be a new match or interview. It's fun picking out what we will put up next! Don't forget to check out my home site also.

JOE RULES: Of course,

LEXIE FYFE: Always a lot of good Lexie news there!

JOE RULES: You've certainly been keeping busy lately. What's coming up next for Lexie Fyfe? I understand you'll be touring England next month.

LEXIE FYFE: Yes, and I'm very excited about that. I leave on August 17th for a brief holiday in Holland, and then on Aug 21st, I start a one week tour in England. Riptide is my opponent for the tour. I haven't wrestled her in over a year, but we've had some good battles in the past, so I'm looking forward to more! I've never been to Holland either and have really only seen London, so it will be a nice site-seeing trip also.

JOE RULES: I hope you have a great trip. Lexie, I want to thank you for this interview. I know you have a busy schedule, and I appreciate you making time for this. Best of luck with your new website and in all your future matches!

LEXIE FYFE: Thanks for talking with me Joe. Keep up with all the great interviews!

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