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G.L.O.R.Y. Wrestling Chats With Fantasia

July 17, 2004: G.L.O.R.Y. Girl Fantasia chats with Joe Rules about her wrestling experiences against Chyna and Lita, her participation in tough women competitions, her PWE Title and much more...

Powerful G.L.O.R.Y. Girl Fantasia!

JOE RULES: Fantasia, as a 5'8" power lifter, you're much bigger and stronger than the average female wrestler. You were in fact listed as "Chyna's Toughest Opponent" in a 2000 edition of Toxxic Magazine. You battled her in her pre-WWF days when she competed in the PGWA as Joanie Lee. Tell us about your match with a future Intercontinental Champion.

FANTASIA: My match with Chyna was very intense, we both did a lot of power holds, I put her in bear hugs and leg submissions and she was able to power out of each hold and apply her own, she was a very nice person and a pleasure to sit down and carry a conversation with.

JOE RULES: Another big name you've taken on--and in fact defeated!--was Lita, then known as Angelica in North Carolina. How did that match turn out?

FANTASIA: The match was interesting as Lita/Angelica did not know a lot of moves and holds at that time, so it was basic and old school. She came off the top rope for a cross body, and I caught her and turned it into a belly to belly suplex and got the three count.

JOE RULES: She may have lacked experience at the time, but that should still be considered an impressive victory ... You recently defeated Lady Victoria to become the first women's champion for Tiffani Monroe's PWE. After several title defenses, you're still the champion. What's your opinion of Tiffani and her PWE?

FANTASIA: My opinion of Tiffani as a woman is beyond words. Tiffani carries herself with the highest level of respect, both in the ring and out. The PWE is just the same. Tiffani and the PWE have given me the opportunity to wrestle with top-of-the-line professional ladies, and for that I respect her, and it's an honor to be the PWE Women's Champion. Tiffani believes in my ability, and we respect each other a lot.

In action against Lady Victoria, where Fantasia won the first-ever PWE Women's Title.

JOE RULES: At the time we're conducting this interview, you're scheduled to defend the PWE belt tomorrow against Allison Danger. Assuming you get by her, who are some other women you would be interested in defending against?

FANTASIA: LeiLani Kai of course, and anyone else who would like to step in the ring with me and feel my power. I would love to step back in the ring with Lexie Fyfe and go another 30 minutes in the ring.

JOE RULES: Either one of those matches would certainly be a treat for the fans. Besides the PWE, you've held numerous women's titles, but also a men's crusierweight title. What were the circumstances that lead up to that?

FANTASIA: That was a few years back. The promoter would not or could not bring in other experience professional lady wrestlers for me to wrestle, so I started wrestling on the men's roster, and it was a battle royal for the vacant cruiserweight championship, and I won.

JOE RULES: A quote from your website,, says: "Although some men have problems wrestling a woman, Fantasia has been able to prove she can wrestle like a man but present herself like a lady." Have you had any issues working with some of your male counterparts?

FANTASIA: Not really. Some of the men get nervous on how to give me a wrestling hold, or they're afraid I'm breakable. Everyone is breakable. Once the match starts and I give them a slam or a chop, then they forget I'm a woman and start wrestling.

JOE RULES: You not only wrestle, but you've also competed in two Tough Women Fights. How did you fare in those?

FANTASIA: The Tough Women Fights where a lot of fun. It was against other women from different areas, and my first fight was against the current champion, and I beat her by KO. The very next night, I fought against the winner from the first night, and she won when the fight was stopped. I received a broken nose and was bleeding bad so they stopped the fight. I still have the towel showing all the blood I lost. The girl was great. She doesn't fight anymore, but we keep in touch and talk about the fight.

JOE RULES: Do you have any plans to compete in more Tough Women competitions?

FANTASIA: Yes, hopefully by the end of this year and next year's event. I'm in cardio training to help increase my speed and to be light on my feet. I already have the power, just need the speed.

JOE RULES: Well I would certainly wish you the best of luck in that ... Tell us about the Pro Wrestling Count Down TV Taping you're involved in.

FANTASIA: Well, that has not taken place yet, and after further research on the promoter, I have decided NOT to be involved with this deal. I am in the works of accepting another TV deal, but we will keep that under our hats until completely confirmed. The new deal involves other talented women and overseas tours.

JOE RULES: That sounds great, and I hope that one works out. Another project I understand you're involved in is Lexie Fyfe's new website, What can fans expect to see of you on there?

FANTASIA: I'm proud to be a part of Slammin Ladies and working with Lexie. At Slammin Ladies, you can become a member and get action pictures/clips and custom made videos. So if a fan would like to create a match with me or have me go against another lady or even male wrestler, Slammin Ladies can make it happen. I'm glad to see Lexie being so successful.

JOE RULES: Fantasia, thank you very much for taking the time to do this interview. It was a pleasure talking to you, and I wish you the best.

FANTASIA: Thank you. I'm glad I had the opportunity to share with you and the fans some of my opinions and views of my wrestling career. Thank you.

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