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Luscious Lily Talks To G.L.O.R.Y. Wrestling

July 6, 2004: G.L.O.R.Y. Girl Luscious Lily talks to Joe Rules about her early training with Angel Amoroso and Heidi Lee Morgan, working for WXW and battling with arch-enemy Alere Little Feather. One thing is certain: Lily is never at a loss for words...

Luscious Lily.

JOE RULES: Luscious Lily, it has been well-documented that you got your start in wrestling through training with Angel Amoroso, known to many ECW fans as The Virgin Princess Angel. Describe what training was like with someone as tough as her.

LUSCIOUS LILY: It was exactly what you think it would be like. Rough as all hell. She's one tough woman, and it's not a gimmick. I literally had my ass handed to me two to three times a week.

JOE RULES: I can imagine! And you also trained with Heidi Lee Morgan. How would you compare your time with her to the time you spent with Angel?

LUSCIOUS LILY: My time with Heidi was great. Not that my time with Angel wasn't. Angel was the one who taught me to bump and things like the basics. When you're just learning to wrestle, all that is the painful stuff. That's probably why I equate Angel's training to being more painful. By the time I got to Heidi, I was in need of some polishing and to learn more complicated moves and such. Heidi was very patient with me and went out of her way to help me out. I started training with her literally a few weeks after she broke her back. She endangered her own health just trying to help me out, and I owe her so much more then I could ever tell her!

JOE RULES: Well, all that training has certainly paid off ... I understand you now train with Rapid Fire Moldonado at the IWA Cruel School, correct?

LUSCIOUS LILY: I don't necessarily train with Rapid Fire himself, as I usually can't make it to the school on the days he is there, but I do work out and train at the IWA Cruel School which he runs, and I work out with the people he trained like Alere Little Feather, Psycho, and Din Mak. I owe the good things that are happening for me now in my career to Rapid Fire and the IWA crew. I was actually going to quit wrestling when I met up with them, and they really made me love what I was doing again and have all been so helpful to me. I actually hadn't been wrestling but more managing when I hooked up with them, and it was all of them pushing me that got me back into the ring.

JOE RULES: I think we're all glad you stuck with it. You mentioned Alere Little Feather. You've been feuding with Alere in the Newark/Passaic, NJ based UWA, defeating her recently for the UWA Women's Title. None other than Tammy Lynn Sytch--Sunny--was the special guest referee. Tell us about the match and your victory.

LUSCIOUS LILY: Me and Alere are always beating the crap out of each other, weather it's at the IWA School or on shows. She defeated me for the UWA Title at the end of a battle royal to crown the first champion. Our rematch had a special guest referee of Bobcat who was just an awful referee. No rope counts or anything, and she took forever to get down and make the count. Part way through the match, Alere clocked me right in the nose causing my eyes to water up and my nose to bleed, but even I could see it didn't take long for Bobcat to count the quick three on me off a roll up. So I decided I was sick and tired of getting shafted out of the belt. I hired my own special guest referee in Tammy Lynn "Sunny" Sytch. Hell, it's nice to have friends in high places! Well, during our match, I'm a little hazy on what exactly happened, although Alere has been crying about some sort of foul play involving Sytch and Chris Candido, but I pinned her! End of story. I won, she lost! My good pals Chris and Tammy stayed in the ring to congratulate me and celebrate.

JOE RULES: Ah, she's always complaining about something. You're the champ, and that's what matters! Now, this past Saturday, you teamed with The Killer Babes--April Hunter & Nikki Roxx--against Alere Little Feather, Shannon LeVay, and Cindy Rogers. And I might add, I was in the match as the Special Trouble Shooting Heel Referee. You actually put your championship on the line in this bout, stating that if any wrestler on the opposing team scored a pinfall, she would win the title. Describe the match for us.

LUSCIOUS LILY: Well to start off the show, Alere got in the ring and started running her mouth and demanding this and that from me. I happened to be in the back hanging out with my two close friends Nikki Roxx and April Hunter when I heard what she was saying. Nikki and April simply came with me to see what was going on. I was more then willing to give that little Indian what she wanted and that was a title shot right then and there. However, you're good buddy Rick Silver got his panties in a bunch about being the person who makes the matches and came running down to the ring with Shannon LaVey, Cindy Rogers, and yourself in tow. He was the one who made it a six-person tag match and appointed you as referee. Which to be honest was fine with me. Joe, me and you go back years, so I was more then honored to have you in there with me, even if I did question your loyalty to Rick and The Big Unit, seeing as though Cindy Rogers was on the other team, but none the less. When myself and The Killer Babes got to the locker room, we sat around laughing at how easy our night was going to be. So I decided to spice it up a little. Alere wanted a title shot and by golly, being the nice person I am, I not only gave her one, but Cindy and Shannon too. They didn't even have to pin me, they could have pinned April or Nikki to win the belt too. That's how much confidence I had in my team mates. I never for one second doubted that the UWA Woman's Title was coming home with me. Not to mention I'm not sure Alere was trusting Cindy from the start. Our plan was to segregate Shannon since she was the least experienced on their team, and you know what, it worked! I hit a beautiful version of the "Lilyby" Implant DDT on her for the pin!

JOE RULES: Now that a few days have passed, have you had any second thoughts about putting the title on the line in a six-man tag team match? You did pick up the win for your team, but things could have gone the other way--Cindy Rogers IS a member of The New Big Unit, you know...

LUSCIOUS LILY: I've had no second thoughts about it, and in the same situation I'd do it all over again. I take nothing away from Cindy Rogers as I have a great amount of respect for her and I think she is a tremendous talent in the ring, but come on, Joe! Forget about my wrestling ability for just a moment. My tag team partners were Nikki Roxx and April Hunter! Two of the greatest female wrestlers on the planet right now. They both assured me in the back when I told them of my plan to put the belt on the line that they would make sure it ended up back around my waist, and it did. I never for one second regretted the decision. I also have to say I took great enjoyment in watching Cindy knock the crap out of Alere and Shannon after the match.

JOE RULES: You're not the only one who enjoyed that! Okay, I have to ask...Joe Rules or Tammy Lynn Sytch--who's the better ref?

LUSCIOUS LILY: Is there any right way to answer this question? I mean, you were a little slow on some of your counts and did show a little favoritism to the other team, but I can understand that. Tammy, however, did make a fair and accurate count that awarded me the title. Can I just say it's a draw?

JOE RULES: Oh, there's a right way to answer, all right! But I guess I can live with a draw. So what's coming up next for Luscious Lily?

LUSCIOUS LILY: Well, I'm really looking forward to WXW's Sportsfest coming up on July 9th in Allentown in which my boys the WXW Tag Team Champions The Untouchables--Marc Gore and Anthony Michaels--will be defending their belts again The Dirty Rotten Scoundrels. Also, WXW will be back in Sciota on July 11th. Also, the IWA will be having a huge show August 14th at the Silo in Reading. I'm not sure when my next UWA title defense is or when I'll actually be in the ring again, but it's cool. My old body needs the rest. lol

JOE RULES: It certainly sounds like you're keeping busy! You mentioned WXW, and I understand you appear for them quite a bit. How do you like working there?

LUSCIOUS LILY: I love working for WXW. When I first got into the business, a bunch of my friends worked there, and I always wanted to also. A few friends who work there like Mana, Molson, Belladawna, Ariel, and Frankie V. pulled some strings to get me in there. I am, as everyone is, treated so great by Afa and his whole family. I made my in ring debut for them at last year's Sportsfest and have been on just about every show since. Because of the amount of extremely talented girls in the WXW woman's division, I took a step back from the ring to manage in WXW. I currently manage the WXW Tag Team Champions, The Untouchables. I absolutely adore those two. They are so much fun to work with and are such great guys in and out of the ring. The entire crew at WXW is wonderful. It really is like a big family. This past year when I broke my hand during one of their shows, I had the biggest entourage to the hospital that you could imagine. If was right after Pops had gotten out of the hospital, and he wasn't back at shows yet. After I left the emergency room, I received four phone calls from Samu checking up on me, repeated phone calls from the workers, and at around 7 a.m. the following morning, I got a message from Afa checking up on me. If you asked me where my favorite place to work is, with the exception of the IWA which is definitely home to me, WXW would win hands down! The atmosphere and the knowledge I get just by being there I wouldn't trade for the world. It's also a place where if I have an opinion about something, it is listened to with an open mind.

JOE RULES: Luscious Lily, thanks so much for taking time out to do this interview. I'm sure I'll see you soon at another UWA event soon, where we each create our own brand of chaos...

LUSCIOUS LILY: Thank you, Joe, for doing the interview. You and I always seem to run into each other somewhere, creating nothing but chaos. Take care.

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