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An Interview With G.L.O.R.Y. Girl Super J

June 20, 2004: Joe Rules sits down to talk with pro wrestling's only real-life female comic book super hero, G.L.O.R.Y. Girl Super J. SJ talks about the challenges of balancing a life of fighting crime and pro well as dealing with her evil twin sister Fallan and her upcoming shot at the PCW Women's Title.

"The Defender Of Those Who Cannot Defend Themselves"...Super J!

JOE RULES: Super J, this is a first for me, as I've never interviewed a real life comic book super hero before. What exactly are your super powers?

SUPER J: Well, I have the gift of pro wrestling, that's a rarity in the super hero world. I also have super absorbency (in the head mainly), and this really cool one called charisma--but if I told you the rest, I'd have to kill you.

JOE RULES: Well, since that would make it kind of hard to continue the interview, I'll ask my next question! Is it difficult to balance your time between pro wrestling and fighting crime?

SUPER J: Sometimes it is, but I found that I get a lot of pro wrestling practice while fighting evil. Thanks to my super flight powers, I have never missed a show, and I don't have too much trouble balancing my life. I'd like to see the Powerpuff Girls do that! They have a hard time going to preschool and fighting monkeys with hats.

JOE RULES: Hey, Mojo Jojo's pretty tough! Now, you are known as "The defender of those who cannot defend themselves." Why defend those people? I would just leave them on their own!

SUPER J: That's because you're evil. My heart and mind are just in the right place, I guess. That, and sometimes I get cool rewards. But mainly I'm just being a good person. :

JOE RULES: Me? EVIL!? How rude! I think now's a good time to change the subject. You have two finishing maneuvers, The J Stretch and Up, Up And Away. Describe those moves for us.

SUPER J: I actually had to stop using the J Stretch after it put Wonder Woman out of commission, but The Up, Up and Away is proving to be very effective. It's basically a modification of the Unprettier that Christian uses in the WWE. I hook my opponent for that move, but I take two running steps before I ram their face into the mat.  0:- )

Super J takes out two opponents at once with a nice double-clothesline.

JOE RULES: I was wondering whatever happened to Wonder Woman. You have gone on the record stating that your happiest moment in wrestling was winning the PCW Ladies Title. Tell us about that.

SUPER J: Well my home fed, PCW, decided to have a Women's Tournament. I entered, but at that time I had never won a match. I was the underdog and somehow I managed to defeat Syren and Lady Perfection (even though they ganged up on me!) and then I faced Mia Martinez (who defeated Samantha Hart and Sensational Sascha.) Mia had years of experience on me, and no one was expecting me to pull it off. I finally got the pin and became the first ever Ladies' Champ. It felt really good, and I consider that to be the starting point of my career. After that, I got the chance to work with new people, and I learned more than I had in the previous year and a half. I improved 100% and I think it was all because PCW gave me the opportunity to become their champion.

JOE RULES: So how did you lose the title?

SUPER J: Ugh, this still makes me mad. I was defending it against Michelle Morgan in her return match (she had been out for six months with a knee injury) and her managers interfered and pulled me off of her, handed her a chair (I ducked it) and finally managed to get her the belt--and she hit me in the face with it. :' (

JOE RULES: Switching gears once again, you have a twin sister named Fallan. Some say she's your evil twin, but I'm sure she'd say she's simply misunderstood. Tell us about your relationship with your sister.

SUPER J: She's always been jealous of me. She was born without super powers. When we were little, she used to try and pull my mask off at school and tell the other kids I was faking it. Now that I am in wrestling, she decided it would be a good idea for her to get into it too, just to prove she can do it. It's so annoying, she always copies me. The thing I don't get though--if she wanted to be a wrestler so bad, why does she refuse to appear on the same shows as me?

JOE RULES: I guess she just wants to prove herself on her own. You know, Camron Star recently booted Allie Spirit out of her spot on G.L.O.R.Y. and took over her profile. Do you ever worry that Fallan may have a similar fate in mind for you?

SUPER J: No. I've talked to JTW about it. The problem with Camron is that she and Allie are the same person. Fallan and I are two different people. I won't ever allow her to have more than a footnote or a picture in my profile.

Super J asserts that her evil twin sister Fallan is consumed with jealousy over her sibling's super-powers and popularity in the ring. You can almost see the evil in Fallan's glowing red eyes!

JOE RULES: But do you ever see yourself turning to the dark side and joining forces with your sister?

SUPER J: No! I'll always stand for truth, justice and pro-wrestling...I just may be better than everyone else while doing it.

JOE RULES: Let's talk about the PCW Women's Title again. Samantha Hart was set to defend the belt against Sensational Sascha at a recent event, but you inserted yourself into the contest, transforming it into a triangle match. Describe the bout for us.

SUPER J: Well, it was an outside show and I was sitting towards the back of the picnic area watching. I couldn't believe Sascha was getting ANOTHER shot at the title when I never even got a rematch! I decided I had had enough, and I demanded they let me into the match. It just wasn't fair! So I made things fair by complaining until they let me in. Sometimes you have to play dirty to get what you want...sometimes. (I only cheat when it comes to the PCW Title.) So I took out Sascha fairly quick, and while I was choking her on the ropes, Samantha Hart came up from behind and starting messing with me. So I had to show the little troll that I was the top female. I abused her for a few minutes, but she finally hit me with a surprise stunner and pinned me. I have a rematch with her on June 26th, and I plan on making the best of my opportunity.

JOE RULES: That's right, PCW's biggest show, Dream Night, is indeed coming up June 26 in Oak Lawn, Illinois. You'll square off with Samantha Hart one-on-one for the title this time. You think you'll be able to walk out of there with the championship belt back around your waist?

SUPER J: I'm sure I will. And if I don't, Samantha Hart will pay!

JOE RULES: Okay, I have one more question for you. All super heroes have a weakness. What's Super J's kryptonite?

SUPER J: Well, basically it has to do with the planet Mercury making a right angle with Jupiter. Hey, wait!...why would I tell you that? That would lead to my downfall, and then I wouldn't be able to wrestle anymore. You ARE evil!

JOE RULES: Curses! You foiled my plot for world domination! Oh well. Super J, thank you for taking time out for this interview. Best of luck to you in your upcoming championship bout and in fighting the forces of evil. And give Fallan my regards.

SUPER J: Thank you! (Fallan made an obscene gesture)

Don't miss Super J's shot at the PCW Women's Title on Saturday, June 26, 2004, at the Oak Lawn Pavilion in Oak Lawn, Illinois. Bell time is 7:00pm. This event will also feature The "American Dream" Dusty Rhodes, Road Warrior Animal, "Precious" Paul Ellering, Jerry Lynn and more! Visit for more information.

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