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G.L.O.R.Y. Wrestling Talks To Ariel

June 7, 2004: Joe Rules is at it again, this time talking to "The Sweetheart Of G.L.O.R.Y."...Ariel! See what the popular G.L.O.R.Y. Girl has to say about her recent tour of Japan, her latest tag team exploits in various Northeast indies, and the vicious intergender match she had against her very own brother on G.L.O.R.Y. Wrestling's latest video, "G.L.O.R.Y. Girls Going Postal".

It's easy to see why Ariel is known as "The Sweetheart Of G.L.O.R.Y."

JOE RULES: Ariel, you recently returned from your first international tour. Tell us the circumstances that lead to your trip to Japan.

ARIEL: Well, the opportunity came up because Sumie Sakai and Megumi Yabushita were having a seven year anniversary show, so I was asked to be part of it. After all the details were settled, myself and Simply Luscious headed to Japan to work that show, and to work for JD Stars on the 29th.

JOE RULES: You were in two big matches. On April 25 you battled Etsuko Mita, inventor of the DVD. On April 29, you were involved in a handicap match of you, Fulka, Sakura, & Kei vs. Claw, Fang, & Simply Luscious. First, tell us about the match with ETS Mita.

ARIEL: The match with Mita was very good. She is a big girl, so therefore I had to give her all I had and then some. She is about 5'9" or so and she weighs like 150-160 lbs., so needless to say I tried my best, but I came up short with her.

JOE RULES: She was able to hit the DVD and get the pinfall, correct?

ARIEL: Yes, she ended up beating me with her DVD after I had given her some of my nice offense, but it just wasn't enough. Maybe next time!

JOE RULES: I'm sure a rematch would be very interesting. Now tell us about the handicap match on April 29.

ARIEL: The handicap match was the four of us vs. Claw, Fang, & Simply Luscious. It was pretty much the pretty, young girls team vs. the mean, older girls team. The fans were behind us this time. After all, one of my partners did come out singing and all. Altogether, it was a blast.

JOE RULES: And you were on the winning team?

ARIEL: Yes! : )

JOE RULES: Well, congratulations!

ARIEL: We won with a cradle when Simply Luscious was holding Sakura for Fang to give her a cane shot, but Sakura moved, and Fang hit Simply Luscious, and then Sakura rolled her up. Myself and the other girls just held Fang and Claw back.

JOE RULES: What are some of the differences in wrestling in Japan, as compared to the USA?

Ariel is about to be piledriven into the mat during her Japanese tour.

ARIEL: Well, one thing I noticed is not many young teenagers in the crowd. Most of the fans are older fans, which is not bad, but it's just so different compared to American fans. Also, everyone really respects you and your ability. All women shows are very popular and always pack up with fans. Another thing is, their costumes are unbelievable. And fans are a lot quieter there. They react to bigger stuff, but mostly they're quiet.

JOE RULES: Did you have to adjust your style to wrestle in Japan?

ARIEL: No, not really. The way I figured, they asked me to come because of my wrestling here. If I changed my wrestling, it wouldn't be me anymore. Buff E of the Christopher Street Connection actually told me, "Now don't go changing yourself. They hired you to be yourself, not to be all Japanese, so go be yourself." Which is what I did. I just tried to learn as much as I could, if anything.

JOE RULES: You were in Japan for nine days on your own. How did you like the country?

ARIEL: Japan is sooo beautiful! I had no idea it was such a beautiful country.

JOE RULES: Did you have a chance to do a lot of site seeing?

ARIEL: Yes. I went to some beautiful places. Do not ask me how to spell them, because I have no clue!


ARIEL: But every day I was there, I either had a show or I went site seeing.

JOE RULES: Can we expect to see you back in Japan any time soon?

ARIEL: I certainly hope so. A lot of people told me, "See you soon." And their main trainer said, "See you again!" which I loved! I would certainly love to go back. We shall see. Only time can tell.

JOE RULES: That's great, I hope you get more opportunities to return. Switching gears, your G.L.O.R.Y. Profile lists winning the JWA World Women's Title on October 26, 2002, in an all girl Battle Royal as one of your biggest wins. Tell us about the match, and how it felt to be the first JWA Women's Champion, a title which you still hold to this day.

ARIEL: That battle royal is one of my favorite matches to this day. The fans were really behind me, and I won the belt when I eliminated Tiffani Monroe and Macaela Mercedes who had been ganging up on me. It was an honor to have won that belt, and since then I have defended it, and I'm still champion, so obviously I am very proud to say I am the JWA Women's Champion!

JOE RULES: As well you should be! : ) Who are some of the top contenders you would be most interested in defending your title against?

ARIEL: I think to be a good champion, you should give anyone who wants to challenge you the opportunity to. So whoever is up for it, I'll be there.

JOE RULES: Speaking of titles, you are currently one half of the UWA Women's Tag Team Champions with your partner Tara Charisma, known collectively as the New Glamour Girls. But prior to that, you and Charisma held the MEN'S Tag Team Championship of the UWA! Of course, you were striped of those titles by Evil Commissioner Rick Silver and Special Trouble Shooting Referee Yours Truly. Then instead of handing over the belts to us all fair and square, you two knocked us both out with them! Would you care to take this opportunity to publicly apologize to us?

ARIEL: Actually, not at all! No offense and with all respect here, you got what you deserved. You guys called us every name in the book, and you wanted your titles back so bad even though we won them fair and therefore we gave them back to you--just not how you were expecting them!

JOE RULES: Well, let me tell you what--Evil Commissioner Rick Silver has hand-picked Alicia & Cindy Rogers to challenge you for the Women's Tag Team Championship. What do you think of your chances when it comes time for that match?

ARIEL: Hmm. Very good, considering we beat THEM for the titles! I think me and Tara could beat them again with our girlie version of the "Hart Attack"... I think a suitable name for that move right now is "The Pink and Black Attack" or "The Glamour Girl Attack"--not sure what we should name it yet! But I think we will win though!

JOE RULES: Don't get too cocky, kid, I know a Special Trouble Shooting Referee who doesn't like your odds!

ARIEL: Oh, get over it!

JOE RULES: All right, moving on.... On the latest video release from G.L.O.R.Y., "G.L.O.R.Y. Girls 'Going Postal'", you take on your own brother Hades in a one-on-one intergender match. This due to the fact that he interfered in your match with Sonya Blackhawk last time. What made your brother so angry at you? What did you do?

Ariel had a tough time in a match against her brother Hades on G.L.O.R.Y. Wrestling's "Going Postal" show. Here's Hades viciously choking his sister...Ariel's feet aren't even touching the mat!

ARIEL: Well, I didn't do anything, per se. What happened was, he was one of my biggest supporters since the beginning, and he finally just got fed up. He wants to do well in the business too, and it annoyed him that I got so much attention from fans.

JOE RULES: Did the match you two had end the feud, or do you expect it will continue?

ARIEL: I don't know. I cant predict the future. I guess we will see.

JOE RULES: Is there anything you'd like to say to your brother, if he's reading this?

ARIEL: "Calm down. There is no need to be fighting. We are family! If anything, just come to me and we will talk."

JOE RULES: Ariel, although we certainly have our differences in the UWA, I must grudgingly admit you are one of the most talented wrestlers on the scene today, and you continue to improve with each match. Thanks for doing this interview. It was a pleasure...but that doesn't mean we're going to take it easy on you in the UWA!

ARIEL: Thank you very much. It was an honor. And don't worry, if you don't take it easy on me and Tara, we might just hit you with the GIRLS' TAG BELTS this time!

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