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G.L.O.R.Y. Interviews Kiley McLean

May 31, 2004: Joe Rules talks to big, powerful Kiley of the most-feared wrestlers on today's indy scene. They discuss how Kiley trains her students, her upcoming NWA-Virginia Women's Title match against Leilani Kai, and Kiley's ring battles with Alicia, Syren and Little Jeanne on G.L.O.R.Y.'s latest video: "G.L.O.R.Y. Girls Going Postal".

G.L.O.R.Y. Girl Kiley McLean is one of the most-feared wrestlers on today's indy scene.

JOE RULES: Kiley McLean, few would argue that you are one of the toughest wrestlers, male or female, on the scene today. I've always been very interested in your career, because like me, you were trained by J.T. Smith. What made you decide to choose J.T. as your trainer?

KILEY McLEAN: I had gone to Virginia Wrestling Federation (VWF) for an open house. He was there training some of the guys. J.T. asked me to get in the ring, so that I could bump. He showed me a couple of different bumps and asked me to do them. After about 15 minutes of me bumping, he pulled me outside and told me that I had natural ability and that I should train somewhere. I decided that he is who I wanted to train with. It didn't hurt that he already had a reputation of being a hard trainer, who didn't take any mess, and that is what I needed to get me through the pain.

JOE RULES: Do you still work out with J.T.?

KILEY McLEAN: He stops into the training school every now and again, still hard as nails when it comes to what I do in the ring. He thinks it's great that I have continued using what he has taught me and have passed it on to my trainees.

JOE RULES: Yes, I understand that you now train wrestlers yourself. How has that been working out?

KILEY McLEAN: I love it, I have a chance to pass on the knowledge that my ancestors in wrestling have passed down to me. I love the challenges of trying to get someone to understand how to do a move, why we do the move, and when it should be done. They jokingly call me "Ma Heel" at the school. I'm like a mama bear when it comes to my trainees. I'm the first one to cuff you on the ear for screwing up and the first one to hug you when you do something right.

JOE RULES: Do you train your students similar to the way J.T. Smith taught you, or do you have a different style?

KILEY McLEAN: Since I was trained by several trainers--J.T. Smith, Rustee "The Foxx" Thomas, Shorty Smalls, Nikolai Petrovka, and Newt Cole--I have combined all their training styles and pull out the style that works best with each trainee. Some need the drill sergeant ~J.T.; some need the slow understanding ~Rustee; some need the in-your-face and pain is the only way to get through ~ Newt/Shorty; and some need to be shown a connector (i.e., when you front bump you should land like a kid watching TV) ~ Nikolai.

JOE RULES: Sounds like a very well round approach to training. But now let's talk about your actual wrestling career. You often team up with Dragan Frost as The Elements of Suicide. Do you prefer tag team wrestling, or straight one-on-one matches?

KILEY McLEAN: Any match style that I can cause pain to my opponent(s) is great. I manage for any of the Elements of Destruction or tag with them or they manage for me-- anyway you cut it, my opponents tend to fall to the wayside.

JOE RULES: I know one of the ways you like to inflict pain is via your finishing maneuver, known as The Celtic Knot. Please describe the move for us.

KILEY McLEAN: I get my opponent face down on the mat, facing the opposite direction. I grapevine their legs with my leg, grab their arms and step forward. I look like the emblem on a Royal Royce, and they look like death warmed over. And when I hook it on a guy, I get a bonus, because when and if I release them, I ensure they will never have children. : )

JOE RULES: Note to self: Stay on Kiley's good side!

KILEY McLEAN: Smart, smart man. Others have forgotten and now sing for the Vienna's Boys Choir.

JOE RULES: I think we better move on ... G.L.O.R.Y. has just released a new video titled "Going Postal," in which you compete not once, but twice! The opening contest was scheduled to be a nice, clean, scientific bout between Syren and Alicia, but you came out before the match could even get underway, and you fought them both in a handicap match. Why did you interject yourself in their match like that?

KILEY McLEAN: Well, it's like this. I needed a little light workout, and when you combine them together, it almost made it a light workout. Also, I didn't want the fans to get up from their chairs to go to the fridge during their little dance and figured I'd help them out.

JOE RULES: I saw the tape, and you were pretty brutal in the ring. Do you think you might have been too hard on those two fiery youngsters?

KILEY McLEAN: Um, if I remember correctly, this is called WRESTLING, not Girl Scouts. I figured it was time they found out what a REAL woman wrestler would do to them. If they can't take the element of FIRE, moi, then get your cookies and go door to door, because in the ring is not where you need to be.

Kiley McLean has Little Jeanne tied-up in the ropes and is about to deliver a right fist to the jaw of the trapped G.L.O.R.Y. Girl. Kiley fought Jeanne in G.L.O.R.Y.'s latest video release "G.L.O.R.Y. Girls Going Postal".

JOE RULES: Later on the same video, you challenged Little Jeanne. It was a hard-fought contest, but this time you came out with the short end of the stick. Was it a mistake to take on a veteran like Jeanne so soon after battling two girls in a handicap match?

KILEY McLEAN: I don't think it was a mistake, I just had a bad ref. He was begging for her autograph in the back and wanted to carry her bags, etc. I think he made bad calls and it ended up with the "wanna be" brunette Barbie--hear me clearly--GETTING A LUCKY BREAK. If I see her again, she'll get a break of another kind. If you know what I mean.

JOE RULES: I wouldn't want to be in Little Jeanne's shoes under those circumstances! Now, recently in NWA-Virginia, you were scheduled to face Kameo, and the winner of that bout would square off with LeiLani Kai for her NWA World Women's Title. Well, things didn't exactly go as scheduled for either Kameo or LeiLani! Why don't you describe what happened.

KILEY McLEAN: When I found out that I would be wrestling two matches that day (I know I would have taken Kameo down) I decided that I would take care of two birds with one brick (heh heh) I mean stone. I saw an opportunity and took it, twice. I guess what they say is true--the older they are, the harder they fall! I waited for the perfect moment. LeiLani threw Kameo into the ropes and "pow" upside her head with my brick concealed in my arm sling. LeiLani caught off guard got it as well. Ya see, earlier in the day I bought an arm sling, faked a trip to the ER, and was deemed unfit to wrestle. I got to rest the whole day, and then I took out two wrestles, best payday I've ever had!

Kiley McLean shows no concern for her opponents. Here she is smashing fellow G.L.O.R.Y. Girl Kameo in the back of the head with a brick concealed in her arm sling!

JOE RULES: Do you have any regrets or second thoughts about attacking a legendary grappler such as LeiLani Kai? We're talking about the reigning NWA Women's Champion, and a former WWF Women's Champion who competed at the first WrestleMania!

KILEY McLEAN: And all of that is ANCIENT history! Don't you think it's time to close the book on that history lesson and create a new tomorrow? I think I heard her joints squeak during the match. In fact on June 5, I think LeiLani and I will meet face to face. I'll even be nice enough to give her a chance to back out and just hand over the title.

JOE RULES: Well that's mighty neighborly of you, but a match between Kiley McLean and LeiLani Kai is something every wrestling fan wants to see. Where exactly is this match taking place?

KILEY McLEAN: Hurley, Virginia. Hurley Middle School. I think that would be most fitting to have her schooled by the new class of upstarts.

JOE RULES: I'd wish you good luck in that match, but I think LeiLani Kai may need it more than you!

KILEY McLEAN: I guess her Social Security check and the Price is Right might just be her new best friends.

JOE RULES: Hey, there's nothing wrong with The Price is Right! ... Kiley, thanks very much for the interview. I wish you nothing but the best. And tell J.T. Smith I said hi! : )

KILEY McLEAN: Will do, and thanks for the time.

Kiley McLean faces NWA World Women's Champion LeiLani Kai on June 5, 2004, at the Hurley Elementary-Middle School in Hurley, Virginia. Tickets will only be $5 for students in K through 12, and $7 for adults! For more information, visit the NWA-Virginia Web site.

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