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G.L.O.R.Y.'s Interview With Camron Star

May 16, 2004: In what appears to be turning into a regular feature here on the site, Women's Wrestling News Editor Joe Rules interviews yet another G.L.O.R.Y. Girl. This time, Joe sits down with controversial wrestler Camron Star (formerly known as Allie Spirit). Depending on who you ask, she's been described as eccentric and calculating; egotistical and self-confident; technically skilled and a rule-breaker; entertaining and annoying. Decide for yourself after reading what Camron has to say...

Once a popular wrestler named Allie Spirit, this G.L.O.R.Y. Girl chucked the support of her fans as she turned to the dark side and became better known as Camron Star.

JOE RULES: Camron Star, for several weeks you have been quite vocal about wanting your own profile on G.L.O.R.Y. In spite of that, Camron Star remains but a footnote in the profile of Allie Spirit. You can't be too happy with this whole situation, correct?

CAMRON STAR: You ARE correct! It's just shameful that the happy little cheerleader is spotlighted. I'm the REAL Star! She should be MY footnote.

JOE RULES: What do you suppose John The Webmaster's problem is? (Between you and me, I think it's a big conspiracy. He's always had it in for us rulebreaker types....)

CAMRON STAR: I think he's got a real problem with the true talent. Look at the way he's treated Phoenix in the past--the first G.L.O.R.Y. Champion. And furthermore, I think he's just afraid that I'll be winning G.L.O.R.Y. Girl of the Month every month if he puts up my profile!

JOE RULES: I couldn't agree with you more! But getting back to the subject at hand, what is it about Camron Star that makes her so different from Allie Spirit?

CAMRON STAR: Camron Star, unlike Allie, is a winner. I will stop at nothing to gain a victory over my opponent. Another thing that makes me different--I am a thinker. If I can gain a psychological advantage over someone, then they are as good as mine, all in due time. Allie can barely do a color-by-numbers, let alone play mind games with someone! Gimme a break. Another thing: Camron would NEVER EVER side with Sonya Blackhawk like Allie did. She made me writhe in her shadow too long, and now she'll pay for all the darkness I endured and now hold as my own.

Allie Spirit was a favorite of Midwestern fans who enjoyed seeing the pretty wrestler compete. But the vivacious cheerleader soon began to change...

JOE RULES: In all fairness to Allie Spirit, though, anyone who uses "Mickey" by Toni Basil as entrance music can't be all bad! Now, you recently posted the following on G.L.O.R.Y.'s Message Board: "Allie [Spirit] is basically history...I'm in total control of the cheerleader now, and that happy sunshiney (blech) smile won't be seen again. She is but a distant memory and I'm here to stay." Have we in fact seen the last of "Florida's bright-as-sunshine cheerleader"?

CAMRON STAR: Well, she was never bright, for the record. And I think you've seen the last of that law-abiding cheerleader. If you do see her, well let's just say I've got it all under control! *evil laugh* Sorry, you were saying?

JOE RULES: You mentioned Sonya Blackhawk. I understand she's number one on your hit list. Why is that?

CAMRON STAR: Why is that? Well, here's just the short list:

1. She loves the fans. That's enough to make me sick! What have they ever done for her? Where were they when I threw the fireball in her face!? HUH?? Doing nothing, that's where!

2. She just doesn't get it. She could be one with the dark side and never feel pain again, but she's content to never bend the rules and have a little fun.

3. She's just annoying! Stupid child...trying to talk a good game when I know that she's just got a dictionary open to compete with the likes of me.

I think that's the short list. But I could go on and on about her worthlessness. Truth is, she's just a little bit worse than terrible as a wrestler. And I'm going to prove that to everyone!

JOE RULES: Well, you have me convinced! I guess this is one feud that won't be ending anytime soon, huh?

CAMRON STAR: No ... I told you. If she would just lay down and die--or better yet, join me--this could all be over tomorrow. But she won't. Look, if she wouldn't have held Allie back and hurt my chances of a sooner return, then she probably wouldn't be much more to me than a fart in the wind ... you know, raises a small stink but just passes you by.

JOE RULES: On that note, I'd like to change gears for a moment, if I may, and ask another question about Allie Spirit. In Allie's Profile, it mentions how she defeated The Intruder in an intergender match for the ICW Cruiserweight Championship--but only for three minutes! Tell us about that match and why the title reign was so short.

Allie Spirit chucked the cheerleader aside and betrayed her fans when she suddenly started insisting that her name was Camron Star. Entering the ring and acting in an erratic, vulgar manner, the blonde soon became hated by the fans who used to love her. We even had to alter this picture to blur the awful hand signal that she flashed at the cameraman!

CAMRON STAR: Well, here's the thing. It was a quality match. I was just starting to take control of the cheerleader, which explains the win. A little brutal, but all in all a great contest, and there's even a happy ending--the blonde gets the pin! Hooray. Anyway.... No one looked at the rule book too closely, I guess, because it clearly stated that a woman, although technically a cruiserweight, could NOT hold the title. Kinda sad, but true. Just another pathetic page in Allie's worthless existence.

JOE RULES: Well, rules are rules (no pun intended). Why don't you tell us all about Team EGO. Who are the members, and why is this team so dominant?

CAMRON STAR: Ah, there's no team in EGO. We're just a group looking out for our own best interests. This team is dominant because we only accept the best and brightest into our ranks, guaranteeing our victories. Well, J.T. Brannum and I have made a bad judgment before, let's just call that mistake "Hailey". But we're the best, and the name says it all. EGO! We are just that good. Hmm, well there are some new members on the way in, but I can divulge that right now. It's classified. At least until May 15th.

JOE RULES: That's tomorrow! And knowing JTW, by the time this interview gets posted, May 15 will probably have come and gone. So how about a scoop? I'm sure it will be big news, whoever the new members may be.

CAMRON STAR: Indeed it will, but I just have to make sure no one is listening in on this little interview. And I will make the announcement of the new members myself on G.L.O.R.Y. Can't allow that news to go unnoticed!

JOE RULES: That's something we'll be looking forward to then. I hear there's a title match coming up on Saturday, June 5, at the National Guard Armory in Columbus, Indiana between Hoosier Pro Wrestling Women's Champion Syren and challenger Vanessa Harding, with the stipulation that the loser must eat dog food! You have offered to serve as a special referee for this bout. Is this a done deal?

CAMRON STAR: I do believe so. The contract was faxed to the EGO offices, and I signed it. All I have to do now is, well, show up to ref. After all, I am concerned with the interest of fairness and good sportsmanship. *laugh* Oh, sorry. I was trying to be serious.

The former cheerleader has now become totally unpredictable. Not only has her appearance changed drastically...look at the way she acts in the ring. She's actually enjoying Syren's screams of agony!

JOE RULES: So why did you insert yourself in this upcoming bout?

CAMRON STAR: Well, here's the thought on that. Syren attempted to cheat when she won the title--and a shabby attempt at that, might I add. And then, when I took her on, she was all lovey-dovey to the people! I almost wanted to take pity on her, but I couldn't bring myself to do it! And to top our little match off, my precious, beautiful hair was on the line. I did what I had to do to embarrass Syren and keep my hair--but she needed help to get the victory over me!

JOE RULES: Well, that figures!

CAMRON STAR: And as far as I'm concerned, Vanessa Harding is an all right girl, great attitude, great looking. But that title that Syren holds is mine! Plain and simple, if I can't have it, no one can. And fairly refereeing this little match gets me the shot at who I want. I predict a "W" for Syren--by any means necessary.

JOE RULES: Very interesting! Sounds like something no fan should miss. I'm sure you'll let us all know the outcome, once the match takes place. Camron, it has been both an honor and a privilege to speak with you today. And I'm sure with just a bit more coaxing, JTW will finally get off his lazy rear and give Camron Star her RIGHTFUL place in the annals of G.L.O.R.Y.

CAMRON STAR: I'm sure he will. Maybe this interview will be all the motivation he needs to place the REAL star of women's wrestling on G.L.O.R.Y. And thank you for having the good sense to interview me. It's been a pleasure. Of course, I have a wrestling world to dominate, so I have to go.

Should Camron Star be added to G.L.O.R.Y. Wrestling in place of Allie Spirit? Should "both" G.L.O.R.Y. Girls be profiled? Should neither of them be profiled?! Must The WebMaster put up with Camron's crappy attitude towards the fans and this site? And what should be done about some of the irresponsible comments that Joe Rules made during the course of this interview? Perhaps Rules' gig as G.L.O.R.Y. Interviewer should be ended? So many questions--questions that will need to be addressed in the coming days and weeks...

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