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G.L.O.R.Y.'s Interview With Valentina

April 28, 2004: G.L.O.R.Y.'s Women's Wrestling News Editor, Joe Rules, follows-up his Amber Holly/O'Neal interview from earlier this month with an in-depth interview of another top G.L.O.R.Y. Girl: Valentina. Joe chatted with the popular indy girl recently about her career in the ring, her travels overseas and across the country, her future plans and more.

Valentina is one of the hottest ladies on the indy wrestling scene today.

JOE RULES: Valentina, you've wrestled all over this country and around the world, but you started off your career making a name for yourself in the northeast. You have since moved down to Nashville, and then to southern California. Tell us the circumstances that lead to your initial move to Tennessee.

VALENTINA: I moved down to Tennessee because I really wanted to further my career. I wanted to work for NWA-TNA to get more exposure.

JOE RULES: Yes, for a short time you were featured on NWA-TNA pay-per-views as one of the Bytch Slap Girls. Tell us about that.

VALENTINA: It was really cool to get on the PPV and be in a storyline that featured girls only, but the angle never ended up going anywhere because we were feuding with dancers, not wrestlers.

Valentina (left) was a regular on NWA-TNA's weekly broadcasts before her move to Southern California.

JOE RULES: It's a shame things didn't develop any further. Are you still on good terms with NWA-TNA? Any chance for a return?

VALENTINA: Well, I don't think I'm on bad terms, HAHA, but I don't know about a return. I live in California now, and I don't think they would be willing to fly me in. They try to use as many locals as possible. Who knows though?

JOE RULES: Hey, anything can happen! Tell us how wrestling in the south compares to working in the northeast.

VALENTINA: Well, down south everything is a lot more old school. The matches are really simple. I didn't feel like I was improving, though, because everything WAS so simple. In the northeast, the matches are more up to date, which helps me learn more. I do believe that down south the people are much more polite and courteous to one another, though.

JOE RULES: And what finally made you decide to head out to southern California?

VALENTINA: Well, TNA stopped using the Bytch Slap angle, and it didn't seem as if I would be back on anytime soon, so I decided to move out to Cali so I could work with other girls, and also because I LOVE the weather and L.A. in general. I wanted to work in another territory. I already worked all over the east coast and down south, so I wanted to try something new.

JOE RULES: Between the northeast, Tennessee, and California, which has been your favorite place to perform?

VALENTINA: Hmm, I really don't know! They all have something that is special.

JOE RULES: Is the style of wrestling in California similar to the style in the northeast, or is it more like the south? Or is it completely different from both?

VALENTINA: I would say its more like the east coast. The south is sooo old school.

JOE RULES: Hey, there's nothing wrong with old school! :P


JOE RULES: A little over a year ago, you were voted "Hottest Valet/Manager on the Independent Scene" by the readers of the popular and highly respected website. I'm sure you must have been very honored.

VALENTINA: Oh yeah, it was really awesome to win that, especially since it's the fans that voted.

JOE RULES: Did you think you would win, or were you surprised by the outcome?

VALENTINA: No, I didn't think I would win. I thought Francine or April Hunter would.

JOE RULES: I certainly won't dispute the outcome! So you started off as a valet and manager, but you've obviously made a successful transition to wrestler. Why the change?

VALENTINA: I've always wanted to wrestle. That was always the goal. But before you can do that, you need to get trained and so forth, so while I was training, I took on the role as a valet/manager so I could learn a little bit more about the business.

JOE RULES: I'd say it paid off. You've worked for quite a few high-profile promotions. In addition to NWA-TNA, there was JAPW, WXW, THE JWA, GLOOW/WEW, XPW, CRUSH, and now UPW. At least two of these organizations have been somewhat controversial. Tell me about your experiences with XPW. How were you treated there?

One of Valentina's favorite characters to portray has been J-Love...the girl who looks a lot better than she sings!

VALENTINA: I thought XPW was awesome. People always ask me, "Did Rob Black ask you to do porn?" but he never once even implied it. XPW was the first company to really let me shine and do my thing. They gave me a really awesome character called "J-Love." I was a rip-off of J-Lo and would come out and sing reallllly bad, but thought I was incredible! XPW put me on the mic at every show, and I had my own storyline which was amazing. I was able to shine at every show and wasn't just "someone's valet."

JOE RULES: I'm glad to hear you had a good time there. J-Love sounds like a great character! On the other hand, you've had some strong opinions about GLOOW/WEW, going so far as to state in several interviews that you regret being involved with that promotion at all. What made you feel this way?

VALENTINA: The few shows I was at were just so unprofessional. The girls were in the locker room playing with sex toys, and doing things to each other, let's just put it that way. That really disgusted me. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. From what I have heard recently, GLOOW/WEW has started to change their ways. The promoter has been in touch with me about booking me for some of their upcoming shows, but I'm not going to do it.

JOE RULES: Fair enough. On a more positive note, a while back you toured Egypt, Turkey, Kuwait, Uzbekistan, and Afghanistan. How did it feel to perform for our troops stationed in that part of the world?

VALENTINA: I loved going on tour to perform for the troops! It was a really special experience. I got to see what they do, and how they live. Most of all, I got to see how happy they were to meet us and to see us wrestle, and it made me feel really good to see everyone so happy. I went and did another tour in Alaska for the troops as well. It was great.

Valentina poses with a couple of her opponents from her matches in Mexico.

JOE RULES: More recently, you've made some appearances in Mexico. How has that been working out for you?

VALENTINA: It's definitely a learning experience. I am working with girls that don't speak English, and I don't speak Spanish, HAHA, so we just have to feel each other out in the ring. So far, so good!

JOE RULES: Hey, whatever works! Since your debut in California, you've been feuding a bit with Desire. You've been able to defeat her in previous encounters. Will your winning streak continue on May 5 for Rev-X at the Allen Theatre in South Gate, California?

VALENTINA: You better believe it!

Valentina is out of control here as she tries to choke-out fellow G.L.O.R.Y. Girl Desire during a recent UPW match.

JOE RULES: Before that match happens, though, on May 1, you'll get your first shot at the UPW Women's Championship when you square off with Erica Porter at the Ken Miller Rec Center in Torrance, California. What do you have in store for Ms. Porter? Do you believe you have what it takes to bring home the gold?

VALENTINA: Erica Porter has been carrying that belt for a long time with ZERO competition until now. I look forward to proving to the wrestling world that not only can I hang with Erica Porter, but I can beat Erica Porter. She would have you believe that she is a great champion, and I fully intend on showing not only you and UPW, but I look forward to showing her, that I am the new breed in women's wrestling: Elegant, sexy, and worthy of calling myself a champion.

JOE RULES: That sounds like a match no one should miss! And speaking of things you shouldn't miss, you have a new video out now called VALENTINA: Past, Present, and Future, and it's available at your website, What can your fans who order this tape expect to see?

VALENTINA: They will be able to see the evolution of my career. They will be able to see from my very first match, to one of my matches in Kuwait; from matches in New Jersey down to Tennessee; they will see a lot. Then it will be up to their imagination to see what the future holds.

JOE RULES: I think anyone reading this should head on over to and order themselves up a copy! Valentina, thank you for taking the time to do this interview. I wish you the best of luck in your upcoming bouts and in your wrestling career in general.

VALENTINA: Thanks so much for having me! It's been a pleasure. :)

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